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Midweek Geek Out 5-29-13: There Are Always Trick Arrows in the Banana Stand

May 29, 2013


I’ve been woefully negligent lately. I’ve already decided that I’m not apologizing about my lapses in activity, but there has really been a lot of ¬†quality geek-fare worth sounding off on that I haven’t addressed in a timely manner, and that’s unfortunate. I actually have several reviews in the works; I want to address TV […]

The (Iron)Man Behind the Mask: A Movie Critique

May 6, 2013


The Avengers changed everything. I mean, the world had never quite experienced a nerdtastic crossover to that extent before, with 4-5 lead-in movies (depending on whether or not you count Ironman 2 and Incredible Hulk) culminating into a super buddy brouhaha¬†that resonated with both the casual mainstream AND comic nerds alike (no small task) and […]

Paying My Dues

November 14, 2012


Something you probably didn’t know: I work nights. For my current situation, it is more advantageous than a day shift, but for certain things, maintaining that sleep schedule is problematic. For my recent DC trip, it was a serious nuisance; I couldn’t really work out the most cost effective way of hitting up The Warner […]

Big preorder week!

November 12, 2012


So 3 preorders coming in this week: – Avengers vs X-Men hardcover trade pub – Brave 3D combo pack – Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 (New 52) AvX just arrived, the other two should arrive tomorrow. *geek squee* You may now continue with your regularly scheduled blog…