What “Eclectic Camel” Means to Me

January 2, 2013


I find myself quite in the same situation I have been for several weeks now; sitting in front of my laptop, on the WordPress website with “Add New Post” at the top of the page while I do little more than stare at the screen. None of you were forgotten, despite my apparent absence; I […]

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Counting Down to The Hobbit, Part 2: Faramir and Fangorn

December 13, 2012


Following up with my Lego Lord of the Rings trek through Middle Earth prior to the December 14th release of The Hobbit, I decided to revisit the Two Towers and finally getting around the building Battle of Helm’s Deep. As anyone with even a passing interest in Lord of the Rings could likely surmise, the Lego set […]

Of Legos and Ring Lords: Counting Down to The Hobbit, Part 1

December 10, 2012


As previously mentioned, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is something of a holiday tradition for me. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Fellowship of the Ring; as far as movie-going experiences go, it was incredibly powerful. I went around noon to one of the nicer theaters (at the time) in the area, […]

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Midweek Geek Out (December 5) – Saran Wrap Edition

December 5, 2012


So I realized there were a few Geek loose threads lying about that needed addressing… time to wrap it up! 1.) Arrow I don’t know if you’ve been watching the show, but I can honestly say that it keeps getting better. The acting is a little stiff, and the interactions feel a little repetitive, but […]

The Soundtrack

December 4, 2012


So I’m stealing a page from Amelia‘s notebook, so to speak, and posting a song I particularly enjoy and / or fits into the soundtrack of my life, at least once per week. Today’s offering, as it is the very first one, should absolutely be my theme song, so I present to you… Troublemaker by […]

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Don’t Mess with “Perfection”

December 4, 2012


So December 3rd’s daily blog prompt was to take what you’ve learned since your first post (a mere two months ago for me) and rewrite it. But I am not going to. Frankly, I think I had the right idea then better than I did after all of the “lessons” I have learned along the […]

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“Vita La Revolucion!” : The Hands On Approach

December 3, 2012


I think any gamer nerd worth a hill of beans was at least mildly interested in the Sony Vita or at least they damn well should be. Let’s face it; we are under attack from a most formidable foe… casual gamers. They muck up “gamer” statistics with their OCD Farmville playing and Angry Bird slinging. I don’t […]

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