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Last of Us: PS3’s Swan Song? (Initial Impressions)

June 24, 2013


I very rarely ever preorder games. (In fact, I intend to start a recurring blog focus on budget gaming, which more or less excludes such frivolities in most situations.) In fact, of the few times I have preordered games, I can’t really think of an instance where I reserved a title that wasn’t the next […]

Midweek Geek Out 6-19-13: The Future of Superman (Spoiler-free Review!)

June 20, 2013


It’s been a pretty intense gauntlet of new films for movie goers and geek inclined alike. Ironman 3 kicked off the 2013 summer season (see my review here) followed by new installments of Star Trek, Fast and Furious and Superman, as well as a few non-franchise movies, including the magician’s ensemble Now You See Me, […]

“Vita La Revolucion!” : The Hands On Approach

December 3, 2012


I think any gamer nerd worth a hill of beans was at least mildly interested in the Sony Vita or at least they damn well should be. Let’s face it; we are under attack from a most formidable foe… casual gamers. They muck up “gamer” statistics with their OCD Farmville playing and Angry Bird slinging. I don’t […]

The Non-traditional Traditionalist

November 23, 2012


As a former social sciences student (actually, once a social sciences student, always a social sciences student, if you follow me), I find myself thinking more about what people do and why (including myself) than your average Joe likely does. Holiday traditions, for example, are an interesting subject to me. I mean, when you really look […]

Midweek Geek Out (November 15) – Nintendo Edition

November 15, 2012


My first game system ever was a Nintendo Entertainment System. I had played Atari, of course, as a wee lad, but the first system I ever physically owned was a Nintendo. I remember once having a conversation with someone born in 1988 about our video game histories and realizing, “Wow, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since […]

Midweek Geek Out (November 7) – Potluck

November 7, 2012


I have some fantastic geek out ideas that I can’t, unfortunately, discuss at length until at least next week, so this will be a melting pot of sorts of stray subtopics. 1.) Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil are all reportedly interested in reprising their roles for a future Star Wars film. And I […]

Keeping Paces

November 7, 2012


So… I missed a day. Not intentionally, of course, and definitely despite my better efforts. I went to go vote early after work (I work nights) before laundry and bed… boy was I bummed to wake up and find out my candidate didn’t win! I mean, America needs someone we can believe in! Oh well… […]

In Defense of Geekdom

November 5, 2012


Something I have been making it more of a point to do is to branch out with the blogs that I read, get a variety of flavors from the site. I’ve met some interesting people and fantastic writers so far, looking forward to meeting more, maybe get more collaborative effort going. Now those of you […]

Mental Prep for NaNoWriMo #1: Redefining modern mythology

October 28, 2012


The title is a much more diplomatic variation of the original go-to title of: “Modern fantasy sucks.” However, considering the limitations of my experience with it and the potential outrage and nerdboy tears that would likely inspire (as much as I enjoy nerdboy tears), I opted for something less aggressive. 😉 Next month is apparently National Novel […]