My name is David.

… well, what else is supposed to go here? This is a bit stalkerish, isn’t it? A bit weird? You’re totally trying to get an anonymous peek at the author of some blog on the internet. It’s not like there’s a shortage of those, now is it?

Alright, alright… I’ll humor the well intentioned curioso, and that’s giving you the benefit of the doubt, sir or missus. (Why is it missus and not sirsus?)

Why a blog? I like to write, and I believe my writing is meant for an audience. Maybe a handful, maybe the globe, who knows how many, who knows when? That isn’t to say that I’m fantastic at it, mind you; I mean, I’m milking the thesaurus for all it’s worth. But you don’t get better at any discipline by not practicing so here we are. Plus, this is a ton cheaper than therapy. o_O

Why “Eclectic Camel”? Slight play on my last name, but I wanted to give a hint at the variety of content you’re likely to see here. I can very easily toss out an example from the wealth of my geek knowledge in an otherwise deep blog entry. My taste in music, movies, etc. has always been diverse, and I’ve always been good at balancing fun with deep. So that’s the sort of thing you can expect.

As of right now (October 2012), the blog is incredibly new. So far there it has only been one blog per week of a more than serious note, but as it gains traction, I have ideas for adding more stuff here, and hopefully, you can enjoy it with me.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/theeclecticcamel

4 Responses “About” →
  1. Looking forward to reading more about your geek side!

  2. Thanks! 😀 It was really the only way to describe the goal of my blog, which is to proceed to a sociocultural anthropological analysis of geek culture and science-fiction. I’ve been noticing, however, that so far my anthropological posture isn’t that clear and I’ll be focusing on that in coming weeks.


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