Midweek Geek Out (December 5) – Saran Wrap Edition

Posted on December 5, 2012


So I realized there were a few Geek loose threads lying about that needed addressing… time to wrap it up!

1.) Arrow

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the show, but I can honestly say that it keeps getting better. The acting is a little stiff, and the interactions feel a little repetitive, but the overall story arc remains interesting. I am starting to wonder if the Green Arrow ever had any interesting characters in his mythos. I never read the comic personally, but it seems like all of the characters on the show are being pulled from the Batman universe, not that I am complaining.

Last week, the lovely Jessica De Gouw made her debut as Helena Bertinelli / Huntress. I totally have a new crush. ^^

Jessica De Gouw as the Huntress

Jessica De Gouw as the Huntress

I’m honestly thankful they didn’t use her comic book story, which was a convoluted alternate reality mess. She was originally Helena Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s daughter, and I don’t think they ever really knew what to do with her as a character. She is now in the World’s Finest alongside Power Girl, though it seems like she could have benefitted from a complete New 52 overhaul.

As far as I know, this character never interacted with Green Arrow in the comics, so having her on the show (with a much simpler background story) was pretty interesting. There’s a bit of a contrived romance between her and Oliver (Arrow), which leads me to believe she’s doomed to be a short lived character. After they seemingly killed off Deadshot after one episode, I don’t entirely trust the producers to handle their tertiery characters well.

In other casting news, we’ll soon be seeing Deathstroke unmasked; Manu Bennett, of Spartacus fame, was been cast to fill the role of the infamous mercenary. Deathstroke would make for a fantastic ongoing arch nemesis for Arrow; he is definitely one of the more formidable villians in the overall DC Universe and probably the easiest to fit into the more realistic take on Starling City. Also, David Anders will be playing a new villain as well. Anders plays a great villain; he’ll always be Mr. Sark (from Alias) to me. Looking forward to that.

David Anders joins cast of Arrow

David Anders joins cast of Arrow

Preview of tonight’s episode:

2.) New 52, Parte Dos

I started my New 52 exposition here, but I decided that, since I gave the gist and a rundown of my 4 favorite titles, an entire blog to wrap up the remaining titles would just be lengthy and unneccessary, for now, especially since I have, mostly, only read the 1st volume of the trade pubs and don’t follow most series on a monthly basis.

Birds of Prey was solid; I enjoy the characters. Black Canary is always a fun character (and one I look forward to seeing in action on Arrow whenever they decide to let her become the next vigilante), and sidekicks Starling and Katana add some flavor. I have mixed feelings about Poison Ivy as a hero, especially since Catwoman is rocking hero / anti hero status presently. The first story arc starts strong but sort of devolves into a mess; it took a second reading to kind of get a handle on what happened. Overall I liked.

Red Hood and the Outlaws was also a solid title, despite the way Starfire is being depicted now. I hope her amnesia / memory issues are just a device to keep her around Jason Todd and eventually bring some kind of conflict with Dick Greyson. I was surprised how good the title was judging by how terrible Teen Titans is in its current iteration, considering the writer is the same. Lobdell seems to be channeling his X-Men roots into the latter title, and it’s flat out awful; easily the worst thing I have read post New 52. You can read my Amazon review on Teen Titans here.

Believe it or not, Aquaman is my next purchase; he’s been getting rave reviews since the reboot, and what I have seen of it so far looks really interesting. MTV Geek even gave him Sexiest Superhero Alive award. Personally, I’d give that to Black Widow or Batgirl, but hey… he’s the freaking King of Atlantis. He deserves a bit of a PR comeback. I might even have to look into his upcoming Justice League crossover titled “Throne of Atlantis”.

Justice League / Aquaman crossover event "Throne of Atlantis"

Justice League / Aquaman crossover event “Throne of Atlantis”

3.) Christmas season movies!

Is it just me or are there a number notable movies coming out in the next month or so?

First off, The Dark Knight Rises is easily my movie of the year, and that just dropped on bluray as of yesterday. I only got the lame vanilla bluray version; no steelbooks or batcowls for this guy. Disappointing, I’m sure.

– December 14th: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. First movie in the new trilogy. After some thought, I am actually okay with them making the Hobbit a 3 parter. I am sure money was a huge motivator, but storyline wise, it is very easy to split into 3 equal sized portions, and there is a lot of solid material to be covered and expounded upon, like  Gandal’s adventures on the side, which were never really fleshed out in the narrative, as I recall. After all, once they are done with these movies, that will likely be it for Tolkien films. I highly doubt they’ll try to adapt The Simarillion to film. Have you ever tried reading that book? The geneologies gave me flashbacks to reading the Old Testament in Sunday school; parts of it were really interesting but the lack of central characters and primary story arc would make transition incredibly difficult.

– December 20: Les Miserables. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe singing? Not only that, but they sang live during the filming, which is incredibly ambitious. Very interested in seeing this rendition.

– December 25: Django Unchained. Am I the only one interested in seeing this on release day? If there is a Christmas tradition I would love to start, it’s a campy, violent Tarantino (does he make any other kind of movies?) western. The cast featuring Jamie Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio looks solid. I just hope it is better than Unglorious Basterds…

– January 11: Gangster Squad. We get so few solid gangster movies anymore; they kind of died along with the western. But a gangster movie where a gang of cops goes to all out war with Sean Penn? I’m sold. Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte (or something that looks like it ate Nick Nolte), Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone round out the cast. Just shut up and take my movie money already!

– January 18: The Last Stand. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first real role since Terminator 3 a decade ago, not counting The Expendable cameos. It looks like cheesy, “I’m too old for this” kind of movie fun.

And, Saran wrapping this up, new poster art for Star Trek and Superman hit recently.

This art looks awfully familiar... perhaps the title should be Star Trek: The Spock Knight Rises.

This art looks awfully familiar… perhaps the title should be Star Trek: The Spock Knight Rises.

Superman Man of Steel

Superman Man of Steel

What movies are you looking forward to? What do you think of the teaser pictures for Star Trek and Superman? Sound off, minions!