Don’t Mess with “Perfection”

Posted on December 4, 2012


So December 3rd’s daily blog prompt was to take what you’ve learned since your first post (a mere two months ago for me) and rewrite it.

But I am not going to. Frankly, I think I had the right idea then better than I did after all of the “lessons” I have learned along the way since.

Let me tell you what I know. I’m not the world’s most talented writer. There are smarter, better educated and insightful writers with a much better grasp of the language than I possess. My talents at layout and presentation are pretty minimal too. I hit a point of frustration because I was trying to be a “better” writer, and in trying to blend in with the “freshly pressed” heavy weights and emulate their style, I forgot something very important: my strength is my Voice. This is something I understood then and lost sight of along the way amidst the silly acronym initiatives and daily blog obligations.

In fact, if I have recently received any kind of consistent praise of my blog, other than “oh that was a good entry”, it has been that I speak with a unique voice that stands apart from the crowd. While I can always refine the art of being a “wordsmith” and become a more disciplined writer, the honesty and rawness of it is part of what makes it inherently mine. I don’t mind shooting from the hip, but I am not as cavalier and reckless as some people imagine.

"I aim to misbehave."

“I aim to misbehave.”

“For every thousand hacking at  the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau

If that isn’t a life mission statement sort of paradigm, I don’t know what is. Make what you say count. Don’t apologize, don’t hesitate. Don’t muddy yourself with pointless endeavors and surface issues. If a rebuke is necessary, learn when to front load that verbal ass whoopin, and learn when to wait for them to make the first move. Forgive. Give people the opportunity to be better, and believe that they can.

It’s a simple message. So while for some, the endeavor of mastering tags and keywords for Google visibility or flowering up their prose is sufficient, I am going to maintain what I started and become even simpler and poignant with my words, a master of the verbal 5 finger point palm exploding heart technique, as it were.

Sidenote: I just crossed the 1000 view mark earlier this morning. Thank you to everyone who has actively participated and read what I had to say. 🙂

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