Black Friday: My Favorite Contact Sport

Posted on November 24, 2012


So instead of tackling the needed followup to Midweek Geek Out, I decided to flaunt a few of my Black Friday finds. Come to think of it, Enrich and Explore still needs a follow-up too, I still need to finish cleaning for Galatic Freedom Awareness Day, not to mention get in that kitchen and bake a PIE. Oh well, it’s my blog; you can wait another day for the follow-ups, right?

So, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, Black Friday is regular holiday tradition, though less so than it used to be, when larger purchases simply did not and could not happen any other time of the year. Plus, Black Friday has lost a lot of it’s significance. They’ve really watered it down; deals are price matches of everybody else’s deals so your pool of options seems more limited than they used to be. And they keep trying to push out the dates and start times of the sales, to the point where the day after Thanksgiving isn’t really the Super Bowl for power shoppers anymore; it’s more like the halftime show. In 10 years, Black Friday will take place after Halloween, provided the zombies haven’t nommed us all yet.

This is what happens when you camp out in front of Best Buy for a few days to save $50 on a TV.

Besides, my set-up is already fairly geeked out. Smartphone, iPad, 3DTV, multiple consoles, etc., so there is an effective limit to how much I really “need”. I could brag for hours about the deals I got on each item because I do love a bargain; I don’t own anything of significance that I didn’t sufficiently bargain hunt for beforehand. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if I like the hunt and catch more than I do the ownership. (Why does that sound familiar?)

So, other than things purchased as gifts, here is the gist of what I got:

1.) Blurays!

There were a lot of cheap bluray deals this year. Frys,, Walmart, etc. (and consequently Amazon because they can’t originate their own sales; they steal everybody else’s) had some fantastic deals. In fact, if I didn’t own ANY blurays, I would’ve dropped a LOT of money this extended weekend because a lot of the ones that were on sale were flicks I already own and love, such as Book of Eli, Shutter Island, Ironman 1 and 2, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Sucker Punch (extended version is an absolute must!), etc. etc.

I did, however, find a few gems I had been holding off on (all of them were 50-75% off their typical retail price), including:

21 Jump Street (yes, the new one – I’m actually a very tough critic on comedy but I found this fairly entertaining, just not full price entertaining)
Lion King 3D
Prometheus 3D
Amazing Spiderman 3D
Wrath of the Titans (not a great movie but entertaining enough for $4)
Several DC animated flicks

The big purchase here was the 50th Anniversary Bond set in bluray, which has all 22 flicks (with a slot reserved for Skyfall when it releases). Amazon dropped the price to $100 as the daily deal this morning, but I can’t imagine it’ll last long before it sells out.

If you’re going to buy Bond, buy in bulk!

2.) Games!

I’m not even sure why I buy video games. My backlog is already ridiculous. Not because I buy a lot, I just don’t play more than maybe 6 games a year, if that. However, as already stated, I am a sucker for a deal… and again, I got these, at a minimum, at 50% the standard retail price.

Assassin’s Creed 3 (FREE)
Borderlands 2
Lego Batman 2
Lego Lord of the Rings (slightly less than 50% off but still got a good price considering it isn’t that old)

Big purchase #2: Sony Vita Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation bundle with Playstation All Stars and 3 months of PSN+. After blowing some gift cards / credit / reward points, I only paid $125 during a very short lived Gold Box Deal of the Day. BOOM.

3.) Art!

Amazon didn’t get all of my money this year; I purchased a few things from the self employed artist crowd on websites such as Etsy and Redbubble, since they also had Black Friday deals today. A few highlights:

[Disclaimer: Just to be plain, I do not own the rights to these images; please click the pictures and links for the owner’s respective websites and for additional information. I’ve taken the initiative to contact the artists myself to make sure they’re cool with their art displayed here.]

– Nintendo Nouveau poster by Megan Lara

Nintendo Nouveau (featuring Zelda, Peach and Samus) by Megan Lara

Megan is awesome. She has a lot of really great geek inspired art, mostly from Dr. Who, Serenity / Firefly, etc. She’s done some cover artwork for Dark Horse, really just had a phenominal year this year; it’ll be cool to see what she is doing 5 years from now. I already have some of her other art, my favorite of which is titled “He Followed“, which is a very, very cool piece in homage to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I linked her website to her name above the picture, go check out her stuff, follow her on Facebook and buy something! (I’ll be doing a more thorough feature on her work soon; I still can’t find a bloody frame for He Followed that is up to standards and I want to take pictures of her stuff in the “wild”.)

– Loki Charms shirt by Bamboota

Loki Charms by Bamboota

I own a lot of geek inspired shirts, usually the more tasteful ones that aren’t quite so obvious. And then there is this colorful monstrosity of a mashup that I absolutely love. As I missed the opportunity to get it when it hit one of the daily tee sites, being able to finally get it today felt pretty good. 🙂 Check her out on Redbubble; her Facebook page is linked to her name above.

– Born to Rebel shirt by CoD Designs

Born to Rebel by CoD Designs

Megan is probably my favorite artist for geek prints; CoD Designs makes my favorite geek shirts. I also have his “Serenity Pioneers” and Sons of Anarchy inspired “Teller Customs” shirts, and they’re easily two my top 5 go-to shirts. Already linked to his Redbubble inventory; you can also check him out on Facebook here.

So, yeah, I did my part to stimulate the economy, got some gifts for friends, good finds all around. 🙂 What deals did you chase down and club like a Viking this weekend? Hopefully you weren’t at Walmart elbowing people in the face like this crowd…

But, hey, if you were there, I hope you were pitching and not catching! Cheers!

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