Paying My Dues

Posted on November 14, 2012


Something you probably didn’t know: I work nights. For my current situation, it is more advantageous than a day shift, but for certain things, maintaining that sleep schedule is problematic. For my recent DC trip, it was a serious nuisance; I couldn’t really work out the most cost effective way of hitting up The Warner Theater for hitrecord on the road with Joseph Gordon Levitt without simply waking up, driving straight there and back. (Roughly 4 hour drive each way.)

The hardest part of sleeping during the day, even after doing this shift for a few months, is staying asleep for one continguous period. I usually wake up once or twice normally; in fact, the rule is: if I wake up a third time, just get up, it’s done. So, of course, the morning before my drive, I managed to get 3 hours of sleep, and I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. I was fine for the trip there, but as soon as I sat in my seat, the yawns started hitting. I don’t think I made it 30 minutes from DC back home before I started crashing. Stopped at the first rest stop I came across, which was thankfully not far, and I passed out for about 30 minutes, then crashed as soon as I got home for a few hours.

I say all this to say: I do not have a legit blog for today. I spent today trying to get my body back on the regular sleep schedule with limited success. I was about to just pay my bills before getting ready to work, and I realized that, at least for November (NaBloPoMo), I have a payment to make to WordPress for some sort of content. I hate to make it about token efforts, but I wanted to tack up something, even if just a 300-400 word blog.

I have a lot of cool stuff in the works; I haven’t had to rely on a Daily Prompt for quite a while now, though I may go back and do a few soon anyways. I definitely owe you guys a Midweek Geek Out, which is generally a Wednesday gig. Been a big comics week for me, so that needs to be touched on, either as the main event Geek Out or a RE:geek. Plus, I still need to post my thoughts on the show.

As a sampler, this is just what I got this past week… (and yes, those are totally Batman stickers… don’t judge me)


Avengers vs X-Men, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton

How has your week been?


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