In Defense of… Ewoks!

Posted on November 8, 2012


[In response to a Daily Prompt]

Ewoks get a lot of bad press. Despite their better efforts to save the galaxy, they tend to not get a lot of respect from the fans, but I’ve always loved them. There is something incredibly endearing about a tribe of 3 foot bipeds that are willing to help take on the Galactic Empire, and I can’t watch Return of the Jedi without a big grin on my face. Here is a brief list of things we can learn from these furry paragons.

1.) Learn from your mistakes.

The early part of the Battle of Endor didn’t go so great. While the Ewoks had the advantage of surprise, their lack of technical knowledge was a bit of a hinderance… at first. Tripping the AT-STs didn’t work nor did catapults launching rocks.

They flounder around a bit, but finally they discover…

“We can hit it with big sticks!”

Once they found their rythum, the Empire never knew what hit it. But had they given up, the galaxy would’ve been a much different place.

2.) Friendship!

After hearing of the Rebels’ exploits, the Ewoks welcomed their new Rebel friends into the tribe. We don’t know how long the Ewoks had co-existed with the Empire during their occupation, but we do know they valued friendship enough to finally take action.

Ewok archers

By sticking together and overwhelming through numbers, the underdogs manage a major upset victory, with a little help from their new friends, of course.

“Look what we got!”

3.) Celebrate your victories.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we mess up on, we forget to enjoy what we get right. Take time to celebrate.

Ewok dance off!