Midweek Geek Out (November 7) – Potluck

Posted on November 7, 2012


I have some fantastic geek out ideas that I can’t, unfortunately, discuss at length until at least next week, so this will be a melting pot of sorts of stray subtopics.

1.) Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil are all reportedly interested in reprising their roles for a future Star Wars film.

And I hope to God that they don’t.

Carrie Fisher hasn’t exactly taken care of herself over the past 35 years. I mean no disrespect to age, but there are plenty of 50 somethings that still got it. Mark Hamil lost his youthful charm pretty early on; does anyone else remember playing Wing Commander 3 in 1994? The signs were definitely already showing. There is a reason he has stuck to voice acting, though it is worth mentioning that he was a damn fine Joker. Shame he isn’t reprising that role.

Harrison Ford has been hanging in there, but his star has waned a bit. If you were to name the first ten Harrison Ford movies that come to mind, nearly none of them would likely be from the past ten years, except perhaps the newest Indiana Jones movie, which was an absolute disaster. (I would remember Morning Glory offhand, but only because I have a total unmitigated crush on Rachel McAdams.) In fact, it seems weird to me that Ford would be interested in doing Star Wars at all. He’s shown almost a disdain for the franchise and his role in it as long as I can remember; he didn’t even want to be in Return of the Jedi.

And watching him try to be Indiana Jones again was painful, like watching Clint Eastwood talk to a chair kind of painful. (I absolutely LOVE Clint Eastwood westerns.) I don’t want to watch him do a geriatric buddy flick with Carrie and Mark.

So, unless they are tasteful cameos, please leave these 3 out of it. But considering even Jeremy Bulloch (the guy in the Boba Fett suit) has sounded off on this before Disney has even announced interest, their declarations may be a bit premature. We’ll see.

I’m just wondering why nobody has asked Peter Mayhew for his input. Seems kinda racist to me!

2.) Deathstroke finally makes his Arrow debut tonight.

Deathstroke aka Pete Slade (or just “Slade”, if you were a fan of the Teen Titans animated show) will be making his first appearance on Arrow tonight on The CW. The show has been doing well ratings wise, which I am thankful for. I’m glad when comics make a successful transition to other media, even if it is a character I am not that familiar with. (I never read Green Arrow.)

The premise of the show is that a young Oliver Queen was stranded on an island for 5 years after a boating accident, learned how to fight like a arrow slinging gladiator champion and after his rescue, he is now cleaning house in Starling City. His father conveniently left him a laundry list of bad guys that needed to be dropped before he died. The storytelling as his life as a playboy millionare moonlighting as a crime fighter is decent, but flashbacks to life on the island are what really help anchor the show and keep it from devolving into campy antics.

This is the second major DC villain to make an appearance on the show so far; the first being Deadshot, who was done well but then offed (seemingly) without much ceremony. Even if you weren’t paying attention to the show’s hype, DC fans probably recognized Deathstroke’s mask on the island.

Looking forward to the next episode, though I am starting to wonder… does Green Arrow have his own villains or does he just steal all of Batman’s bad guys?

(Sidenote: I’m actually going to use Deathstroke (his comic series version) as my token geek example in an upcoming blog.)

3.) It’s not a bad time to be a Superman fan.

DC has been taking the character in interesting directions since the New 52 reboot, though I stay pretty firmly seated in the Batman side of the waters. (I mean, seriously, I’m already subscribed to 5 titles at the moment, though I did read the new volume 1 of Action Comics.) He’s no longer bound to his longstanding attachments to Lois Lane and the Daily Planet, and I have to admit, even I am interested in the upcoming Super-crossover story H’el on Earth. Actually, while I am being forthright, I also snagged a copy of Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton based on a suggestion; I may just have to branch out a bit to see what’s going on. With Scott Snyder at the helm, I’m confident that it will at least be well written.

H’el on Earth

Join me next week for a last minute preview sound off on the Wii U and Nintendo, maybe some RE:geek game review action. Make it a good one!