Keeping Paces

Posted on November 7, 2012


So… I missed a day. Not intentionally, of course, and definitely despite my better efforts. I went to go vote early after work (I work nights) before laundry and bed… boy was I bummed to wake up and find out my candidate didn’t win!

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The best man for the job!

I mean, America needs someone we can believe in! Oh well… I tried. God bless Captain America!

For the record, I do own that print on a shirt, and let me tell you, don’t ever wear something like that around old people. A.) They don’t get the reference and B.) they imagine it is an invitation to discuss politics. If anything, it parodies my general dislike for politics and asserts my desire to disregard your reality and substitute my own. 😉

I sat down to blog at one point, but there is a lot churning underneath the surface. Some of it I will elaborate on later, but here are two takeaways for you.

1.) I am going to be a lot more careful about how I approach a retort of another’s blog, regardless of how I feel about it. My previous blog, In Defense of Geekdom, was my highest viewed blog yet with the most views in a day I have had yet. However, I don’t feel I went about it the right way; it says something about me that I didn’t mean to communicate. I got a couple comments in response that were A.) deleted offhand and B.) completely rude and juvenile. Total blog aggro. But I have to take some responsibility for that. I will very likely rewrite that blog as a geek call to arms rather than a snarky retort, and I sincerely apologize to all involved.

2.) I need to take things to a whole new level. My writing so far is okay, but it needs serious fleshing out. There is a dynamic I am missing out on that I need to capture. If you ever get lost and need anything to be a compass, imagine your funeral. What do you want to be said about you? What do you want to have accomplished?

It is not my desire to be a blog writer for the rest of my life. But there is a lot I can learn here. It’s like being the lowest level character in a whole new area of some RPG; time to “find ’em and grind’em”! (If that line makes no sense to you, it’s quite alright. You can take the MMO away from the man, but you can’t take the … wait, I got that wrong…. ah, you know what I mean. ) In normie speak, I need to keep working on this and improve my craft before I move onto the next step.

I’ll write again later, especially considering I owe you guys a Midweek Geek Out. Cheerio til then. ^^

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