Posted on October 31, 2012


Good stuff.


She’s skinnier and more attractive than I am. He has a nicer car. Her child is so well-behaved while mine is a wailing banshee clamped beneath the clothing rack at the department store. That man far more intelligent and charismatic than I will ever be. They’ve really got it good… 

Humans have a natural tendency towards social comparisons. People evaluate themselves by contrasting their own attributes and abilities with those of others. When we look at ourselves, we see every flaw; yet, when we examine others, we tend to notice the positives.

Two weeks ago I took the GRE–a standardize test required for admission to graduate school. I received my scores in the mail yesterday. I looked at where I fell in the percentile ranking and was devastated: average. I scored in the 57th percentile (higher than 57% of test-takers) for Verbal Reasoning, the 39th percentile for Quantitative Reasoning (mathematical word problems), and the 49th percentile for Analytical…

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