Mid-Week Geek Out (October 23)

Posted on October 23, 2012


So… I think it is high time I started earning the “eclectic” title. Nothing wrong with pushing for perspective, but with everything, moderation is key… sometimes you gotta geek out with your cheeks out!

Here’s a few things on the geek radar:

1.) Apple is announcing… something today.

So the Apple iPad Mini is all but confirmed as today’s announcement, plus some other rumored nonsense. I won’t lie, even with the iPad 2, I have been considering getting a smaller tablet as my carryall tab, like a Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab or *shudder* a Kindle Fire. Replacing a 32GB iPad 2 at this point would be problematic, and I don’t really want to upgrade to the new iPad. Frankly, unless Apple makes some significant progress in handwriting recognition, my next tab will be a Samsung Note or a Microsoft Windows 8 tab, if the hardware is better.

Oh, so yeah… miniPad… depending on the pricing scheme, it might be worth it to use as my everyday tab. One would hope they would be shooting for the Kindle $200 range, considering that is the closest thing to competition they have right now. If they overprice a 7″ option… well… here’s your sign, Apple…

2.) Death of the Family.

I hadn’t touched a comic book in probably 20 years until I saw The Dark Knight Rises back in July, and it made me hungry for graphic literature again like it was 1993. I snagged subscriptions back in July, and the timing was perfect… new crossover story involving the Joker (his first appearance since the New 52 reboot last summer… well, sort of) just started. The name alone harkens back to some classic Batman lore, a classic tale (also involving the Joker) dubbed “Death in the Family”, which saw the demise of Jason Todd (Robin #2). First issue in the mail just happened to be the very beginning of the new story arc, with a very creepy looking Joker smiling at me from the cover.

Apparently, someone cut his face off, and he now wears it strapped to his dome with a belt. I’m not kidding. It teeters between ridiculous and a whole new level of creepy; I’ll be generous and give it the tip over to creepy. Not much of note in the first issue, but the same level of story telling and art are present as they were in the previous “Court of the Owls story”, so I’m excited. I mean, good God, as good of a writer as Scott Snyder is, Greg Capullo’s art is phenomenal. The issue ended with Joker about to brain poor Alfred with a hammer.

By the way… if you have any interest in Batman at all, I highly recommend that trade pub. “Court of Owls” is a fantastic read; I am pissed I have to wait for 2013 to get the follow-up books. If that whets the appetite, I also enjoyed Nightwing, Batgirl and Catwoman’s New 52 debuts, as well as the sister Batman title, The Dark Knight. Just saying.

More to come on the Mid Week Geek Out! Games! Clone Wars… the final season? Windows 8! Gary Clark Jr! More details on today’s Apple announcement! And maybe… a video of Fantasy Flight Games’ new miniatures game X Wing in action? Stay tuned!